Entrepreneurial Coaching

Accelerate to Great

Coaching is a powerful executive and entrepreneurial development process that offers one-on-one personal coaching. Will and Tasha is committed to partner with you to unlock your full growth and earning potential-resulting in sustainable performance and improved individual and organizational outcomes.  Will and Tasha have “been there, seen that, done that!” In their  six-step coaching process will show you how to stop being just good so that you can accelerate to great!

Six-step coaching

The Accelerate to Great Coaching program is customizable to your unique needs, goals and aspirations. Will and Tahsa will lead you through six eye-opening sessions that will provide you the tools you need to focus on your goals. The six sessions are:

  • Session 1: My Why

  • Session 2: Courage to Fail

  • Session 3: See It Before You Do It

  • Session 4: Reflect and Re-calibrate

  • Session 5: Learning from Others

  • Session 6: Do Something; Do it Now

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