What transformation will I experience working with Tasha and Will?

Answer: Combined we have started several businesses. We have seen failure and success. When you work with us, you will benefit from our years of knowledge and experience. We will help you accelerate you own knowledge. So that it won't take you 20 years to before you have a profitable business. 

Why did you start InTheBlack?

Answer: 6 years ago in 2014, I was FIRED from my dream job as vice president for diversity and inclusion at Virginia Tech University due to "restructuring." I was at a loss. I lost my prestigious title, I lost my $170,000 annual salary plus health benefits, I lost the comfortable lifestyle I was building for myself, I lost my pride.


I have never been fired from any job, well, except for that time when I was working a Burger King and they found out that I was 14 and not old enough to legally work. I didn't know what to do, BUT I knew I had to do something. That something was to refocus my entrepreneurial energies to benefit me! 


So, over the past 6 years, I have been on an entrepreneurial journey to secure my future. A future where I am not dependent on one income source to sustain me and my family. 

Through the years, me and my wife, Tasha have started several businesses and projects. Some have been wildly successful and others just didn't have enough wind under their wings to take flight. 

We have invested a lot, let me say that again, A LOT! A lot of our OWN MONEY, TIME and ENERGY into our endeavors. We also have had many of our supports INVEST their MONEY, TIME and ENERGY into us. 


So, as we introduce InTheBlack into the atmosphere, we do so with a purpose. That purpose is to:

  • Share the lessons we have learned from our entrepreneurial journey;   

  • Share processes, tools, and applications we have used during our various startup phases;

  • Share the sh*t that neither of us learned from all the degrees we’ve earned;

  • Sh*t like how to grow your customer base from scratch, or when you should invest in getting a brick and mortar location, or when should you invest in a "consultant" to help you accelerate your knowledge and processes.  

Join us as we go #intotheblack

How successful have you been as business owners?

Answer: We have been wildly successful as business owners. With each business we have started, we have learned something new. We have applied each lessons to our newest business endeavor. Therefore, we accelerate our success. Not every business has been profitable or made it to the pivotal fifth year. However, each business has been successful in teaching us lessons to pass on to our clients. 

What are your current business endeavors?